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Insta360 Pro super slow motion sample video

Insta360 Pro super slow motion sample video
Insta360’s team posted a sample video from the Insta360 Pro in super slow motion.  Check it out!

Insta360 Pro is a professional 360 camera from Insta360 that is capable of 8k in 2D or 6k in 3D.  It can also record in 4k at 100 fps, allowing for super slow motion when played back at 30 fps or 25 fps.

Insta360 posted a sample video excerpt that demonstrates the super slow motion feature:

The Insta360 Pro’s 100fps capture mode will undoubtedly be very useful for taking 360 videos of action and sports.

If you’re interested in the Insta360 Pro or other Insta360 products such as the Nano for iPhone and upcoming Air for Android, you can follow the official Insta360 Users group on Facebook.