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Insta360 Pro will be at NAB Show 2017; price raised 17%

Insta360 Pro
Insta360 Pro

Insta360 Pro, the highly anticipated 8k 360 camera from Insta360, will be at NAB Show 2017.
Insta360 Pro is a professional 360 camera that can capture 8K 360 video, 6K 3D 360 video, or 4K 360 video with realtime stitching or live streaming (in 2D or 3D).  It was announced at CES 2017, and generated a lot of interest among professional 360 content producers.

Currently, 360 professionals often use 360 camera rigs to create high quality 360 videos.  However, rigs are large, costly, and time-consuming to process.  Insta360 designed the Insta360 Pro to address these needs.  Like a 360 camera rig, the Insta360 Pro produces high quality 360 videos in up to 8k resolution in 2D 360, or up to 6k resolution in 3D 360.  It also features image stabilization to level the horizon automatically as if it were on a stabilized 3-axis gimbal.

For professionals who require live streaming capability or a fast turnaround time (e.g. journalists), Insta360 Pro is capable of realtime in-camera stitching and live streaming in 4k resolution (in 2D or 3D), using a more efficient cube map projection and H.265 compression, reducing the required bandwidth by 60%.  Put another way, it can live stream at a quality similar to another camera that has more than double the available bandwidth.

Understandably, many professionals are interested in the Insta360 Pro, mixed in with a little bit of skepticism. Now, professionals will have more opportunity to examine it.  It appears that Insta360 Pro will be at NAB Show 2017, April 22-27, hopefully becoming available soon thereafter.

In related news, Insta360 has quietly raised the price of the Insta360 Pro from $2,999 (announced at CES) to $3,499, a 16.67% price increase.  Even with the higher price, it is still competitively priced against well known rigs such as the GoPro Omni ($4,999).  Insta360 Pro will also be including the stitching software.  On the other hand, the Omni also includes industry standard stitching software Autopano Video Pro and Autopano Giga.

Meanwhile, Hubblo VR is also releasing the PX6 camera, which is also capable of 4K 3D 360 video with realtime stitching and livestreaming, but at a much lower price of $1,299 (or $999 with preorder).