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Insta360 releases unified app for Insta360 One R and One X

New Insta360 app for Insta360 One R and One X
New Insta360 app for Insta360 One R and One X

You can now use the same app for both Insta360 One R and Insta360 One X.  The One R app has now become simply the “Insta360” app and can control either camera, and edit photos and videos from both the One R and One X.

Until now, each Insta360 camera had its own app.  Now, Insta360 has created a unified app for the One R and One X.  This has several benefits:  First, older cameras will be able to benefit from some of the features of the newer cameras.  For example, with the new app, the One X can use Deep Track, Auto Frame, Freeze Frame, and some Shot Lab effects such as Bullet Time Mix, Roll Planet, and Spin View.  Second, if you have both cameras, you’ll have a single gallery for both of them instead of having to search through two galleries on separate apps.  Third, for multiple editing, it will be easier to combine photos and videos from both cameras.

On the other hand, some Insta360 One X users were disappointed that the One X did not get access to some of the features of the Insta360 One R, in particular some Shot Lab effects such as Clone Trail, or Flash Dash.  Then again, Insta360 One X has already received far more updates and new features since its launch compared to most other 360 cameras so far, including: Color Boost, TrueAudio, 3D Planet, Loop Animation, SnapShot frame grabs, wireless VR viewing with Insta360 VR, in addition to some of the features of the One R enabled for One X with the new app.

If you have existing photos and videos that you’ve downloaded to your One X app and you want to move them to the new Insta360 App, just download Insta360 One X app version 1.7.9, go to the Settings and click on Data Migration.

Please note that the new Insta360 app does not yet support live streaming, although I’ve been told they’re working on it.  If you have Insta360 One X, you can still use the Insta360 One X app for live streaming.

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  • what a scam¡¡¡ all options were working perfectly with ONE X…. and remember, one X android app WASN´T UPDATE FROM 9-2019, in fact, NEVER UPDATED with new features or options, same 1 year old app.

    • Hi Pablo. After 2019, One X has gotten these updates: Smart Track, True Audio, improved Multiview, Freeze Frame, Jump Cut, no download editing, histogram, bullet time mix, spin view, roll planet.

      • Dear Mic, respectfully, your comment and your posts elsewhere, make me feel you are more a Insta360 employee other than an user or a fair or trustable reviewer, trying to defend a very bad marketing decision that impacts customers.
        Insta360 has lost me with this decision and all my Insta cameras are already on sales, can not stand companies that do not have any attention to existing customers, trying to force additional business turning their arms.
        They lost a good customer and, unfortunately, you lost one of your followers with your comments and position.
        All the best

        • Thanks Otto. In my Insta360 reviews, I have pointed out more weaknesses than any other reviewer. I don’t defend Insta360. I defend the 360 community. The fact is that Insta360 has contributed much more to the growth of the 360 industry than any other company through: 1. innovative features, and 2. spending thousands of dollars working with well-known vloggers such as Peter McKinnon to spread the word about 360 cameras. As for the One X, they have added many new features to the One X — more than any other camera I can think of. I counted 16 features added since the time it was released. Fusion got maybe 3 or 4 in its entire life. If Insta360 is supposed to keep developing new features without getting any revenue for them, then I don’t know how they are expected to survive.
          Here I am taking a stand for the long term benefit of the 360 community even though I know it is an unpopular position. As a reviewer and as a writer, I speak my honest opinion. If that causes you to leave, then I’m sorry and I thank you for your past support. But I won’t change my honest thoughts just to be popular, either as a writer or reviewer.
          Best regards,

    • Hi ssj3fox. Evo is not officially supported but you can use the app to trigger EVO and have non-VR viewing of photos and videos. VR180 photos and videos appear 180. 360 photos and videos look 360. I also found that if you use the app to record a video from Evo, it looks like the video can start but it doesn’t seem to stop unless you exit to the main menu.
      Best regards,

  • Hi Mic, thank you for your valuable information. I also have mixed feelings about the move Insta360 made with this App. We can only hope they will think it over, or someone comes up with an workaround. Mine is to save the apk of the old versions of the One X and One R App.
    I have an additional question. Is it only me, or is the HDR Rendering in the One R App much more artifical? The HDR renderings of the One X App look much more natural to me. And I can’t figure out how to get into the additional settings (e.g. RAW mode), am I overseeing something or are there features missing?

  • Hello Klaus, today i updated the One R App and i cant use the Shotlab anymore with my One X. do you have the apk of the One R App?