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Insta360 Stats: add GPS overlays to your Insta360 One X video — no accessories needed!

Insta360 Stats sample video
Insta360 Stats sample video

Here’s a Christmas gift from Insta360: you can now add an overlay to your Insta360 One X videos, without additional accessories!  They call it “Insta360 Stats.”  Check out the video:

Previously, Insta360 had shown the GPS overlays (a la Garmin Virb 360) but said that it would require an optional Bluetooth remote.  The remote hasn’t been released yet but in the meantime, Insta360 has enabled the feature without additional accessories.  You just need your smartphone.

Right now, the feature is only in the iOS version, but the Android version is coming as well.

To use the feature, update the app (no firmware upgrade needed).  Then connect the One X to your phone wirelessly.  In the live preview, you’ll see a new option for video called “Stats.”  You’ll be able to choose which overlays you want to add: speed, elevation, slope, heading, route (which will draw your path), distance, and gps coordinates.  Here is a sample video with Insta360 Stats.

Insta360 Stats sample video
Insta360 Stats sample video (see the link)

This feature could be very useful for action sports and even travel videos.  How about you?  What do you think?

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