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Insta360 Studio 2019 update adds Color Plus tonemapping, True Audio noise reduction, and more

Insta360 Studio 2019 update
Insta360 Studio 2019 update

Insta360 Studio 2019 has been updated to add most of the November 2019 features added to the Insta360 One X mobile app:

Color Plus: this is a tonemapping effect that you can apply to videos.  It makes the dynamic range appear greater.  It also increases the vividness of the colors.  Please note that the effect will be visible only after rendering.  Note also that Color Plus works only with freecapture non360 videos.  It does not work on 360 videos, VR180 videos, or photos.

Remove grain: removes grain (video noise) from videos.  This effect can be used in 360 videos as well as freecapture non360 videos.  Note that if you use Color Plus, it applies Remove Grain automatically.

True Audio: this feature improves audio quality tremendously by using AI to identify your voice and enhance it, while reducing background noise.  True Audio can be very effective, especially for wind noise.  There are two modes: vocal enhancement and background noise removal.  Depending on your audio, one mode may work better than the other.

Thumbnails: thumbnails are back for all Insta360 files!  Now all Insta360 files will have thumbnails in Windows Explorer.  This makes it easier to tell if it’s 360 or VR180.  This feature was added in a previous version of Studio but mysteriously disappeared, and I’m so relieved that it’s been restored.

These features can be used for any Insta360 consumer camera, including the Insta360 One X, EVO, Go, and Nano S.  However, please note that Color Plus only works in Freecapture non360 videos, which can only be used for 360 videos.

Issues that have not yet been resolved:

Multi-edit: the November 2019 update added multi-edit to the One X app to enable you to combine multiple videos.  However, Insta360 Studio does not yet have such multi-video editing capabilities.

Chronological order: the One X names the files using a date and timestamp.  The problem is that whenever you remove the battery, the date and time reset to 2017.  This causes files to be listed out of order. I asked them to list the files according to the suffix instead.

360 photos: it would be nice if the Color Plus effect could also be used for photos.

Insta360 Studio thumbnails.  I requested Insta360 to add thumbnails in Studio itself to make it easier to find files.

GoPro FX Reframe incompatibility.  GoPro FX Reframe works very well but is incompatible with Insta360 plugin for Premiere.  You can use one or the other but not both simultaneously.  To be fair, you can’t blame Insta360, because it could just as easily be an issue with GoPro’s plugin.

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  • Hi Mic, first of all I’d like to thank you for your helpful information. May I ask you if you know, if Insta360 will bring this updates to the Android App in the near future?

      • Thx a lot for your confirmation! Sorry for the late answer! You’r the most reliable source for such information. Your work is awesome!👍

      • Hi Mic, thx for your valuable insights. Do you know what’s going on at Insta360? Over a month after the official announcment and still no update on Android 🙁 No official information :-(( This isn’t the style of a reliable company… It’s unbelievable, that the iOS app still has more features then the Android app. This is a chinese based company, where Android is still the most common mobile OS, by factors. I can’t understand this.