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Insta360 Studio 2020 brings back Prores in latest update! Plus: better stitching and other improvements

Insta360 Studio 2020 updated with Prores and other improvements
Insta360 Studio 2020 updated with Prores and other improvements

There’s an update for Insta360 Studio 2020, and Prores is available again.  Stitching of HDR photos has also improved.  Here are other improvements.

Prores export makes it possible to edit videos at maximum quality with minimal compression while also being easier for your processor.  The downside is that the files are about 10 times larger than MP4 files.  Nonetheless, it’s an important and long-awaited update.

The updated also fixes issues in HDR and Night Shot photos.  In the previous version of Insta360 Studio, there was a bug that caused improper rendering of HDR photos.  That bug has now been fixed.

Another issue was the poor stitching of some HDR photos because the photos were being misclassified as dive case photos even though they did not use the dive case.   In this version, you can turn off “automatic recognition” in the preferences (under Misc) and manually choose the correct stitching type.

Another improvement is to “correct the rotation” of drone videos.  I’m not sure if this means drifting or what.


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  • Sabes si esta actualizacion se puede utilizar en mac os SIERRA la antreior solo funcionaba con CATALINA mi ordenador es demasiado viejo y no admite Catalina.

  • You can get way wider angle video by simply renaming the files from INSV to MP4 extensions. It appears the camera is shooting a much wider image and ,probably due to stabilization, they don’t let you ever see the true original video. Simply changing the video file extension, you can see the original video and its around 10% wider angle of view. So, if you are shooting on a tripod, you don’t need stabilization, and you can get the original image instead of the heavily cropped one from Insta360 Studio. Even when you uncheck the “Use Flowstate” box, it still wont give you the original video. Very odd. Unchecking flowstate, should allow you to regain the original FOV, but it doesn’t. This works on all the Insta360 cameras. INSV is just an MP4 with some metadata in there. Most of the video editors I use can use the file with just the extension changed, like Vegas, Virtualdub, TMPGENC…

    Also, Log has sharpening baked into it unfortunately. Its no help to use log if you want a sharper video, because you cant turn sharpening off. At least not on the One R with the 1 inch sensor right now.

  • Sysytem requirements say you need a GTX1060 with 6gb, very expensive. How important is this? Does it not work with a lesser graphics card? Now I have the first Studio360 version and it runs on my 4th gen Core i7 with the onboard video.

    • I believe you can use a card as low as GTX 750Ti but it’s been a long time since I had a card like that.

    • Update, I have a new system with a MSI graphics card with GT710 and 2GB RAM: Insta360studio (3.6.4) works well!