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Insta360 Studio update adds automatic purple fringing correction plus other features

Insta360 updated the Insta360 Studio, its free 360 video editor, to add purple fringing correction and other improvements!

Insta360 Studio is Insta360’s 360 video editor for its line of 360 cameras including the popular Nano for the iPhone and the upcoming Air for Android.  However, Insta360 Studio supports standard equirectangular 360 photos and videos and can even do multiple transformations.

Insta360 has issued an update to the Insta360 Studio that improves it even further by adding correction for purple fringing, a feature that has been added to the Nano.

However, the purple fringing correction works only with Insta360 camera files.  It doesn’t work for files from other cameras such as the Ricoh Theta S.

The new version of Studio also adds support for the Insta360 Air which will be released very soon, including the ability to update firmware.

BTW today is the last day to get a 20% discount on the Insta360 Air, which at the preorder price of $99 is one of the most affordable spherical 360 cameras.

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  • I can’t find information on how to use Insta360 Studio software. I tried to follow Ben Clairmont video on tiny planets but still no luck. Is there some where out there to learn how to use it and it’s features.