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Insta360 VR tutorial: how to use wireless viewing with Insta360 One X or Insta360 EVO

Insta360 VR now available
Insta360 VR now available

You can now view Insta360 One X and Insta360 EVO photos and videos wirelessly on Oculus Go or Samsung Gear VR with the Insta360 VR app, which will be available on or around March 26.  Here is how to use it.

Insta360VR is a new app for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go that enables you to view your One X or EV photos wirelessly on Oculus Go or Gear VR without having to stitch the files or copy them.   Insta360 VR can also view photos and videos from other cameras so long as they are in equirectangular format.  You can download Insta360 VR for free from the Oculus store (search “Insta360”).

1. Turn on your Insta360 One X or Insta360 EVO, and your Oculus Go.  Connect your Oculus Go or phone wirelessly to the One X or EVO Wi-Fi signal.

– For Samsung Gear VR: connect your phone Wi-Fi to the One X or EVO Wi-Fi signal; or

– From the Oculus Go smartphone app, go to Settings and tap on your headset.  You’ll then have the option to change the Wi-Fi connection.  Select the One X or EVO’s Wi-Fi; or

– From within the Oculus Go: go to Settings, choose Wi-Fi and select the One X or EVO’s Wi-Fi.

2. Launch Insta360 VR.

3. On the left side of the Insta360 VR screen, you’ll see two options:
Watch Local Files: enables you to view photos and videos in your phone.  To use this, copy the photos and videos into the Insta360VR folder
Watch Camera Files: watch photos and videos directly from One X  or EVO.  Use this option to view the photos and videos wirelessly.



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  • Great how-to. I would also be interested if it allowed for remote live view via the wireless link to the headset (insta 360 one x spec show 20m line of sight wireless distance for connection). For instance, if the 360 camera was further away (i.e. on a drone or mounted on one of our tall carbon fibre masts) and you could look around and control the camera using the 360 live view relative to head movements and handheld controller (i.e start stop rec, take photo etc). Still great as is though. Keep up the good work and reviews. Non biased and informative. Thank you.

    • Thanks Tom. Yes you can use live preview, with head movement. And in fact it will be stabilized too. Just click on the google cardboard icon while in live preview. But you cannot control the evo or one x while in live preview mode. you’ll have to exit the live preview in order to start recording, take a photo etc.

  • The post (and especially its baiting title) is misleading; it’s not available anywhere at this time. I just VPN’ed around the world, and nothing.

    • Sorry my friend. I was mistakenly informed that it was released, but apparently not until March 26 (unconfirmed). I’ve therefore revised the title of the post.

  • I have the EVO and an Oculus G but the Oculus is asking for passcode to connect directly to the EVO… idea what passcode as nothing is supplied? Any help?! TY

  • Great, I can view local files in my insta360vr folder – but can you tell me how I can view files that are on my s7’s sd card please?

  • if i download the Videos to local files, where do i find the folder/videos after in my iPhone/iOS? can’t find it Thanks

    • hi Dave. I’m not sure because the future of Oculus Go is somewhat uncertain. Oculus seems to be putting all its resources on Oculus Quest, and there isn’t an Insta360 VR for Oculus Quest (yet).

  • If e.g. my wife travels with the Insta360 One X to another country, can she livestream with her mobile & camera a 360 video to me to the Oculus go (via my mobile)?