Insta360 One R 360 Rumors

Insta360 will reveal the 8k Insta360 Pro at CES

Insta360 announced that they will reveal the Insta360 Pro, an 8k 360 video camera, on January 5 at CES 2017. 
The Insta360 Pro was announced late August at Berlin IFA as a camera designed to compete with the 8k GoPro Omni.  The Insta360 Pro is supposed to be more affordable than the GoPro Omni, and also have realtime stitching.
I will be attending the Insta360 CES 2017 press conference and will be posting the details ASAP.  And FYI, this will not be the only announcement from Insta360 at CES 2017.  Please stay tuned for other exciting news from Insta360 and CES 2017!
Thanks again to Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!