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Insta360’s new camera (Insta360 ONE) to be demo’d at IFA Berlin 2017

Insta360 launching new camera on August 28
Insta360 launching new camera on August 28

Insta360’s new camera will be available for hands-on demo at IFA Berlin 2017! Update: here is the new Insta360 ONE.

Tomorrow, August 28, Insta360 is launching a new camera that has generated a lot of buzz because of its brilliant teaser video that seem to be in super slow motion bullet time.  The new camera is shrouded in secrecy, and Insta360 hasn’t even announced its name, but the teaser video gives some hints about its features.

If you are lucky enough to be at IFA Berlin, you can get a hands-on demo of the new Insta360 camera.  The new camera will be shown with the rest of their product line at IFA Berlin 2017 at Hall 11.1, Booth No.137, from September 1st to 6th.

Meanwhile, keep checking back here at 360Rumors.com for the latest information about the exciting new camera!


Insta360 is a Shenzhen-based company with a full line of 360 cameras, from the entry-level but highly capable Insta360 Air and Nano, to the professional Insta360 Pro.  They came seemingly out of nowhere to become a respected brand in the 360 camera industry.  The Insta360 Nano, for example, was the first 360 camera accessory for smartphones, establishing a new 360 camera sub-category that is currently one of the most popular types of 360 cameras.  Insta360’s products are known for being innovative, and the company has customer-centric and service-based philosophy.  Inquiries to their Facebook page or Facebook community page are often answered within a day, sometimes by the CEO and founder JK Liu himself.

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    • Hi Petri. It’s not a drone. It’s just a camera and you can attach an included string w/ tripod attachment to it. You swing it around using centrifugal force to keep it aloft (no drone required). But to those who don’t know how it was done, yes it can look like a drone.
      Best regards, Mic