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InstaVR lets you build virtual tour apps with nearly every imaginable feature

InstaVR lets you build a virtual tour app across multiple platforms, with nearly every imaginable feature:
– supports 360 photos and videos (up to 4k, unlimited duration)
– supports 2D and 3D
– can add music and voiceovers
– includes interactive hotspots
– edit your content to change the orientation
– heatmaps
– allows embedding
– can share via URL
– supports web browser, iOS, Android, Gear VR (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Playstation VR support TBA)
– option to have your content streamed from their network to keep the app size small
– free version available

Here is a video introducing InstaVR:

Here is a sample.

The interface is web-based, which facilitates collaboration.  Because of InstaVR’s many features, the interface is a little more complicated than some other platforms but at least there’s no coding required.

InstaVR is free but it will only generate a package for your Android, iOS, or Gear VR app.  If you instead want to embed your VR content on a webpage, you need the Pro version, which has other benefits such as unlimited uploads and customizable logo but at $199 per month, it’s for commercial use.  Check out InstaVR here.

Add interactivity to your 360 photos and videos