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Interview about the Z Cam S1 Pro, a 6K 360 camera with Micro Four Thirds sensors

Personal View interviewed camera rental company Radiant Images about the Z Cam S1 Pro, a high quality professional 360 camera that uses four Micro Four Thirds sensors paired with iZugar lenses.  Here is the video:

The original Z Cam S1 (not shown here) is $2,500 while Z Cam S1 Pro is $8,880.  Neither camera includes the cost of the WonderStitch stitching software ($1,500), or the WonderLive live streaming software which is a separate cost (note that the license is for one camera only and is not transferable ).  Alternatively, the S1 and S1 Pro can be stitched with third party software.

Both cameras have 6K resolution but the S1 Pro’s larger sensor means that it has higher image quality than the Z Cam S1.

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