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Invisible 360 camera drone by Zmodo and Airmada

Invisible 360 drone by Zmodo and Airmada
Invisible 360 drone by Zmodo and Airmada

The Zmodo Airmada 360 Drone captures 360 video with the drone being invisible in the shot.  Check out the video.

Zmodo and Airmada teamed up to create a drone with a built-in 360 camera.  The design places one hemispherical camera above and another below the drone, with the drone in between the lenses.  The drone also features retractable legs.  With this design, the drone is able to capture 360 videos while being invisible in the videos that it captures.

Here is a video of the 360 drone by Greggles TV:

The concept of having a camera above and below the drone is not completely new.  The Kodak Aerial Kit for the SP360 and 3DR Solo quadcopter also captures 360 video without the drone in the shot.  I also demo’d the same concept using a DJI Mavic and a couple of Xiaomi Mi Sphere cameras.   Other invisible drone designs include the DroneVolt Janus, the Spherie flying 360 camera rig, and Exo360 drone. However, Zmodo and Airmada’s drone is one of the first to have a 360 camera built-in that looks like it might be affordable to consumers.

I’ve been hoping for a drone like this so I hope it makes it to production but it has strangely disappeared ever since it was shown at CES 2017.  Zmodo will be at CES 2018 so I will see if I can get more info about this drone.  Meanwhile, what do you think? Would you be interested in getting this kind of drone?  Thank you very much to 360 vlogger Pepe Vazquez for bringing this to my attention!

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