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Invisible selfie stick tripod for 360 cameras: Benro MK10 tutorial to remove the ballhead

Benro MK10 invisible selfie stick tripod for 360 cameras

The Benro MK10 / BK10 (reviewed here) is my favorite selfie stick for 360 cameras. Not only is it pocketable but it can also become INVISIBLE if you remove the ballhead. But removing the ballhead is hard … unless you know how! This video shows you how to do it. Thanks to Angel Ponce for sharing this tip! Here is a video tutorial.
The Benro MK10 aka BK10 is the tripod / monopod that I use most often, primarily because it is pocketable, has a built-in stand, and is invisible to all 360 cameras (if you can remove the ballhead), including thin 360 cameras such as the Insta360 One X and Ricoh Theta V.  It can also be used for smartphone 360 cameras such as the Insta360 Air or the Insta360 ONE when live streaming, and if you use the included super slim smartphone adapter, the phone will also appear invisible.  It also kind of works with the Nano (there will be a slim line).

The Benro MK10’s primary disadvantage is that removing the ballhead is very difficult and in almost half of all cases, users have failed to remove the ballhead.   Having said that, here is the easiest method for removing the ballhead (but please note it is not foolproof):

UPDATE: here is a new tutorial

Benro BK10 is available here.  You can try the Benro MK10 here (but note that I got one that I couldn’t remove the ballhead) in black/blue, or black/orange, or white/green.  Thanks for using these affiliate links to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews!

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  • Hello

    I ordered MK10, but can’t remove the ball head; I tried the nice suggestion you shared here, and also tried to leave the tripod in the fridge for a couple of hours.
    The ballhead just spins in both direction, I mean both clockwise and counterclock-wise. It feels like the head spins together with its internal base / screw inside the monopod part. Does it mean I broke it? Is it possible to fix internal screw somehow to allow unscrewing the ballhead?

    Please help.

    • Hi Jeremy. If you’ve tightened the ballhead knob but the ballhead is spinning in both directions, then yes it probably means you broke something inside. Other people in this situation have used a dremel to cut the ballhead to remove it.

      Best regards,

    • Hi Jeremy, did you figure out how to remove the bullhead?
      Mine spins in both directions as well but I don’t feel like I’ve broken anything because it was spinning like that as soon as I got it.
      Really feel frustrated trying to get it removed 🙁

      • Any luck on removing the ballhead? I’ve tried to remove via the hot water method and it works half of the time. I need to remove the ballheads on 6 selfie sticks but I’ve had no luck on six already and have to re-order. Need a fool proof way to remove. Also tried cutting off the ball head with a dremel and that just destroyed the stick.

  • Have you any news about? I just bought an mk10, but i didn’t watched the 2nd video before and i even tried to unscrew it without hot water…

    Now mine turns without unscrewing, i popped out the ball and i can see that the top of the screw turns with the head, so your theory seems correct

    Have you find out how to remove it now? I’m tempted to drill a hole at the end of the aluminium staff, just under the black ring, to hold the screw from there, but maybe you have a better idea 😀

    • I tried to drill a hole on the top of the screw, trying to be able to hold it and unscrew the ballhead, but i did a mess so at the end i was able to remove the plastic ball holder from the red base of the ballhead (the small screw of the cone that blocks the ballhead broke in the process)

      Then I removed the black plastic plug at the bottom from the staff, then i popped out the screw from the plastic plug (it doesn’t have a screw in that part, it had small teeth like a gear) and then i was able to hold the screw in a bench vise and unscrew the red base of the ballhead

      Now i think the ballhead and the screw are unusable, but if I find a new screw, maybe with some glue iI can fix the selfie stick

      I made a photo to the pices: