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PREVIEW: Invisible 360 camera light for Insta360 One X, GoPro MAX and other 360 cameras

Best 360 camera LED light
Best 360 camera LED light

Ulanzi is creating an invisible 360 camera light.  It’s a slim LED light for consumer 360 cameras such as Insta360 One X2, Insta360 One R, Insta360 One X, GoPro MAX, and other 360 cameras.  Can this design finally lead to a practical LED light for consumers?

360 cameras usually have difficulty shooting in low light because of their small sensors.   At the same time, conventional video lights are not ideal for 360 cameras because they will be captured in the camera’s 360 field of view.  There have been some video lights for 360 cameras that are designed to be mounted below a 360 camera, between the camera and the monopod.  However, because the light is emanating from below the camera, they cast an unflattering upside-down lighting effect more typically used in horror movies.

Ulanzi is now creating an LED light that solves these problems.  First, it is slim enough to be within the stitch line of many 360 cameras and thus be invisible to the camera.  Second, it can be mounted on top of a 360 camera with the help of a cage or bracket.  Third, for cameras without a bracket, it has extra tripod holes to attach it below or beside a 360 camera.

Here’s a preview of the Ulanzi light by co-designer and 360 photographer Yuqing Guo:

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