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It’s official: Ricoh Theta SC is a new Theta for $300

The rumors from Nokishita proved correct.  The new Theta is the Ricoh Theta SC, with the same specs as the Ricoh Theta S, for a lower price of $300.  But wait!  There’s (a little) more!

So the new Theta is indeed the Theta SC.  It was posted by Dealerscope who probably jumped the gun a little bit.
I also found a cached webpage on Ricoh Imaging for the Theta SC:

The page looks identical to the page for the Ricoh Theta S, except for the name. 

Edit: there’s a 5-minute limit on the video and no HDMI port. DPReview’s Jeff Keller said no USB livestreaming either. 

Fortunately, the press release on Dealerscope does say that the Theta app will also be updated.  Who knows with what changes, but perhaps with the long-delayed cloud services.

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