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Kandao Obsidian is a 3D 360 camera with 4k video @ 60 fps

Obsidian is a 3D 360 camera with six lenses, and is one of the cameras to receive CES 2017 Best of Innovation award in the Digital Imaging category.​
Here are its key features:
– video resolution: 4k 60fps in 3D
– photo resolution: 8k
– real time stitching
– natural interpupillary distance
– excellent heat dissipation for longer duration use
– remote control with 20 meter range
– 3D realtime live preview

The retail price will be 55,000 yuan (8,000 USD).  However, the preorder price will be 35,000 yuan (5,000 USD).  Here is the official website.

Thank you very much to sinCera for bringing this to my attention!