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Kandao Obsidian R (8K 3D) and Obsidian S (6K 3D 60fps) launching on July 18 with unique features

Kandao Obsidian 3D 360 camera
Kandao Obsidian 3D 360 camera

On July 18, Kandao is launching two professional 3D 360 cameras — the high-speed Obisidian S (6K 3D @ 60fps) and the high-resolution Obsidian R (8K 3D @ 30fps).  Besides their high resolution and speed, these cameras have unique features.


Here are the current specifications:
– six lenses
– six 12mp Sony BSI CMOS sensors
– Aperture: f/2.2 (Obsidian S) or f/2.8 (Obsidian R)
– resolution: 5760 x 5760 (Obsidian S) or 7680 x 7680 (Obsidian R)
– live streaming: 4K3D or with servers, up to 6K3D or 8K3D
– ISO 50 to 6400
– Dynamic range: 10 stops for video or 12 stops for photo
– powered by a single Ethernet cable (for power and data)
– 14.5cm diameter x 9.3cm height
– 1.1 kg

The Obisidan cameras have unique features that differentiate them from the competition such as:

1. The capability to generate a depth map.   This capability is still in an experimental phase but among other things, it will enable users to add true 3D effects, for example text that floats in between a near object and a far object.  With third party software it is also possible to create a 6dof (six degree of freedom) experience.

2. Stitching that is depth-aware and can recognize and prioritize people, architectural structures and motion.   This means that people will not be split up. In the sample video on their website, for example, a woman dances in front of a fence.  The stitching algorithm correctly maintains the visual integrity of the fence and the woman as she moves.

3. An easier workflow. A single ethernet cable transfers the files from the individual SD cards into your desktop and allows you to store and process them. Stitching can be a one-click process.

4. 6-channel microphone, stereo line-in, and spatial audio support (with Zoom H2n synchronization)

As reported by, the Obsidian S and Obsidian R will each be available for $10,000 on July 18 at (not crowdfunded) for delivery in August.  In the meantime, Kandao has already delivered cameras under their Pioneer Program.

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