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KeepEyeOnBall is virtual tour authoring app for mobile devices


KeepEyeOnBall is a suite of mobile apps for virtual tours, including a virtual tour authoring app.
Most virtual tour authoring software require a desktop, and many of them are costly.  KeepEyeOnBall stands apart from other virtual tour software because it is for mobile devices and it is currently free.


KeepEyeOnBall has a suite of mobile apps for virtual tours:
  • VR Scanrobot (for Android) – virtual tour authoring software.  You can adds interactive features to your 360 photos.
  • Magic Window VR Tours (for Android or iOS) – virtual tour viewing software.
  • Magic Window Cardboard Viewer (for Android or iOS) – virtual tour viewing software designed for use with a Google Cardboard viewer
  • Magic Window Remote Viewer (for Android) – allows you to see what the client is looking at in their VR headset so that you can both discuss it in real time.

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