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Kodak Orbit360 desktop app for Windows adds stabilization and keyframing

Kodak Orbit360 desktop app with stabilization
Kodak Orbit360 desktop app with stabilization
Kodak Orbit360 desktop app with stabilization
A scene from my upcoming review of the Orbit360

The Windows version of the new desktop app for Kodak Orbit360 (first impressions here) is now available.  The app (version 1.6.1) adds significant new features: stabilization and keyframing.  However, the Windows version does not yet have optical flow stitching or subject tracking, which are available for the current Mac version.  Download the software here.

Orbit360 is one of the few 360 cameras with a replaceable lens and with microphone input.  It’s currently available for around $225.  I’m still working on an updated review.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments.

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  • Hi Mic,

    Great news! Good to see development is still ongoing. But.. where do you find stabilisation? I see ‘Improved horizontal alignment’ (so leveling), and the ‘Auto-move’ keyframing works well in a quick test. But I see nothing in the lines of stabilisation, and my handheld walking movies don’t really feel any less shaky? Am I missing something, do you know where to look for it?

    Kind regards, Frank

    • Thanks Frank! Yes it’s the ‘horizontal alignment’ checkbox. To make sure your videos are stabilized, you need to make sure your firmware is updated. The other thing is that the stabilization is not that good to be honest. It’s somewhat like Gear 360 2017 stabilization.

      • Ah, that may be the point, my camera firmware. TBH I tried it quickly with an older clip. Will have to make some time to check/update my cam firmware.

        I hope at least it follows the camera view, not like the Yi where the stabilisation keeps the camera ‘pointing north’ and not take corners where I was taking them. Or did they update their app as well as far as yu know?

        regards, Frank