Kodak Pixpro VP discusses the Orbit360 4k in interview with TWICE

Kodak PIXPRO was interviewed about the Orbit360 by TWICE Magazine, a business-to-business online publication for consumer electronics and tech.

The Orbit360 was chosen by TWICE as their pick for Action Video Camera at CES.  For the occasion, they interviewed Paul Meyhoefer, Kodak PIXPRO’s VP for Sales and Marketing.

Here is the interview, in which Mr. Meyhoefer talks about the Orbit360:

I also saw the Orbit360 at CES and was sufficiently impressed by it that I ordered it as well.  Check out my preview here.

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  • Love the way he makes Kodak sound innovative with this product when it looks and functions in an almost identical way to the Nikon Keymission 360. Just paint it black, release with rubbish software and voila you have the Kodak Keymission 360 😀

    I think 3d 360 cameras like the Vuze are the way to go. Even better yet would be a Keymission mark II which combines the ruggedness and waterproofing of the mark I with better optics, 3d capability and improved software 🙂

    • Lol! TBH that's the thought that came to my mind too – how similar it looks to the Keymission!

      Yes I think 3D 360 cameras will be the future, but I think there will always be a place for 2D 360 as well, especially for more casual use.

      Best regards,

    • More options with the asymmetric lens configuration, bluetooth controller, option to use an external mic, live streaming, and software that works (hypothetical) will easily put this LIGHTYEARS ahead of the Keymission. Fingers crossed…

    • Hi Steve. Yes on paper it looks really good. We'll see… (Re livestreaming I've only seen it connected via HDMI to a TV. So far Kodak hasn't said it is actually capable of livestreaming).

      Best regards,