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Kodak PIXPRO’s stabilized gimbal for 360 cameras

photo by DanyDanFree

Kodak PIXPRO will be releasing a stabilized handheld gimbal that is designed for the Orbit360 (hands-on preview here) and other 360 cameras.

Kodak PIXPRO had the gimbal at CES but for some reason they showed it only to a few people.  I saw it only very briefly.

Anyway, there are some features that make this gimbal work better for 360 cameras:
– The gimbal is below the 360 camera instead of blocking one of the lenses.
– It has a 1/4-20 mount used in 360 cameras, unlike the GoPro or smartphone mounts of many gimbals.
– It enables you to use a counterweight for greater stability.  With Kodak’s gimbal, the gimbal can still swing freely even with the counterweight.

Here is a video by DanyDanFree showing 360 videographer Kevin Kunze demonstrating the gimbal in action:

According to a Kodak representative I spoke with, the gimbal will be released around the same time frame as the Orbit360 (in about “two or three months”), but she did not know the price.  While the Orbit360 seems to be reasonably priced at $499, most PIXPRO accessories I’ve seen have been a little pricey so I expect the gimbal will cost a little more than a similar 3-axis gimbal.

In the meantime, you can also check out this adapter which can be used with a gimbal that is currently available.  Thank you very much to DanyDanFree for the photo and video of the gimbal!

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