Koroao / Holaca LG 360 Cam waterproof case

Koroao is a waterproof case for the LG 360 Cam (there’s also an identical case from Holaca).

The case looks very similar to the Ricoh Theta TH-1 waterproof case.  However, the LG 360 Cam cannot be used with the TH-1 or similar 3rd party cases because its 1/4-20 tripod insert is offset from the center (to allow space for the memory card slot and USB Type C).

The Koroao case resolves this with an adapter which you attach using an Allen key:

Interestingly, it appears that the adapter does not obstruct the use of the LG’s own case / sleeve, so it can be left on the LG 360 Cam until you’re ready to use the memory card or charge the camera.
I haven’t tried the case yet so I don’t know how well it performs, although at least one user has confirmed that it is waterproof.
At around $25, the Koroao case costs much less than another waterproof case for the LG 360 Cam called the Voia.  There is also an identical case from Holaca at a similar price.  BTW, some photos show the case with a tripod or a selfie stick.  The case does not include the tripod or selfie stick.