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Virtual Tour Scalability: How to handle LARGE virtual tours with hundreds of 360 photos or gigapixel panoramas (free Pano2VR webinar)

Pano2VR interface

How do you handle large virtual tours with hundreds or thousands of 360 photos?  How about a virtual tour that uses gigapixel panoramas?  Find out how this Wednesday with a free Pano2VR  on October 7, 2020 8:00AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) or 5:00pm Vienna time (UTC+2).  Save your spot here.

Pano2VR is one of the leading desktop-based virtual tour software for self-hosted virtual tours.  If you want to check out other Pano2VR webinars, you can see them here.  FYI, you can get a 20% discount on Pano2VR or Pano2VR Lite for Virtual Tour Edge members.

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  • I’d like to know how to handle a large virtual tour with hundreds of 360 ° photos and gigapixel panoramas, but I can’t see it because the links are broken.

    • Hi Nana. The links seem to be working for me. You can do that with self-hosted virtual tours created with Pano2VR, 3DVista or other software. You can also use virtual tour websites. Teliportme has been used by hotel chains for its scalability.

    • Hi Nana – is this something for a client or just as a hobby project?

      There are different ways of handling large projects and do not have to be set within one singular project but can be handled by API’s . Let me know so I can give you the right information.