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LASiris VR is a true depth-sensing VR camera with 3D 360 capture

LASiris VR is a true depth-sensing VR camera that hints at the future of 360 cameras.

360 cameras are sometimes called VR cameras but the label obfuscates the fundamental difference between 360 and VR.  360 photos and videos, even those in 3D 360, will allow you to look around but not move around in them.  Only true VR spaces will allow you to move around in virtual space.  See here for a simple explanation.

There are still very few true VR cameras.  The most well recognized one is probably Matterport, which maps a space by taking several photos with a depth-sensing camera that can automatically pan to capture a 360 view.

NCTech, manufacturer of 360 cameras such as the iris360 Pro, is launching LASiris VR, a depth-sensing 3D 360 camera that is truly a VR camera.

LASiris uses LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging — similar to radar and sonar but with lasers) to sense the depth of its surroundings.  LASiris is also equipped with a 360 camera, which can take a photo of the surroundings.  By mapping the 360 photo onto the depth map produced by the LiDar, the LASiris can produce a true VR space that you can walk around in.

Here are the key specifications:
– Range: up to 100 meters
– 3D accuracy: within 3cm
– Photo:  10-bit 120-megapixel HDR image.
– Field of view: 360 x 300
– ISO: 100 to 6400
– Removable SD cards
– 4.5 kg

You can take several VR photos with the LASiris, which can then be automatically aligned and blended with NC Tech’s ColourCloud online service.  One example is shown on NCTech’s ColourCloud page.  This 30-meter high monument was captured from seven positions with the LASiris.  ColourCloud then aligned and coloured the images all in the cloud.


The LASiris MSRP is $13,000.  Unlike cameras such as Matterport, LASiris does not require a monthly fee.  Here is the official website.

Thank you very much to Martin Smith for bringing this to my attention (check out his YouTube channel with several 360 videos)!


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