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How to get the best price for the Insta360 ONE — it’s too low to post!

Insta360 ONE
Insta360 ONE

If you’d like to get the Insta360 ONE, it’s not too late to get it at a special discount for 360 Rumors readers!   The price is so low that I’m not allowed to post it publicly!  But you have to move fast because the discount code will expire October 6, 2017, 9am Pacific Time.

Insta360 ONE
Insta360 ONE

The Insta360 ONE is a hybrid 360 camera with 4K video and 24mp photos.   It can be used as a standalone 360 camera, or it can be detached and controlled remotely with a smartphone, or it can be attached to an iPhone.  It has several features, most notably FreeCapture, which lets you convert a 360 video into a 16:9 full HD video while giving you complete control of its perspective by moving your smartphone as though you were present at the original scene.

Insta360 ONE’s MSRP is $299 but it is in such high demand that it’s backordered and some sellers are selling for more than the MSRP.  Fortunately, I can help you get the best price — in fact, the price is so low that Insta360 doesn’t allow it to be posted publicly.  To get the code, pls. email me with the subject line “TOOLOW” (no space in between).  I will send you a discount code.  There is no obligation to use the discount code but please don’t share the code with anyone else.

Once again, the discount code will expire October 6, 2017, 9am Pacific Time.  Here is the timer
update: sorry it’s now expired.

Thank you very much for using the affiliate link to support 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you, so I can do more tests and reviews!  Here again is my in-depth review of the Insta360 ONE!


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  • I missed your post on great discount for Insta360 One. Could you please advise if there will be another round of great discount for it? Much appreciated! Thanks!

    • Hi John. I’m an Android user too so I’m also waiting for it. They keep telling me soon. Definitely by year end. Best regards, Mic

  • Hi,
    The android version is now on sale on the insta360 store. I have a question about the compatibility between Iphone and Android version though.
    If a buy the iphone cam version, will the cam work as well with an Android mobile, if I use later on the micro-usb adapter (they are sold separately on the store) ?
    I asked the support there but got no answer…
    Thanks 🙂

    • Yes Jean if you use the android adapter it will work with the current insta360 one. But of course the other important part we need is the insta360 ONE app for android. that one isn’t released yet… Best regards, Mic