Learn FPV for free TODAY (FPV beginner guide)

FPV beginner guide: learn FPV for free today
FPV beginner guide: learn FPV for free today

If you’ve been curious about learning how to fly FPV drones but have been put off by the cost, here’s your chance to learn FPV for free.  You don’t need to buy FPV goggles or an FPV controller.  Almost any controller with two joysticks such as the PS4 controller will work.

DJI drone pilots are often surprised by how comparatively difficult it is to fly FPV.  Unlike DJI drones, most FPV drones don’t have GPS assistance and are completely manual.

Because flying FPV is quite challenging, the easiest way to learn FPV is with a simulator. Although they look like they’re just video games, they actually teach you the basics of controlling an FPV quadcopter.

The good news is that you can get a good quality FPV simulator for free, and you don’t even need to use an FPV controller.

Tiny Whoop Go is a free FPV simulator.  There are a few other free simulators but Tiny Whoop Go has decent graphics, good controls, and most importantly, a large community supporting it.

Although using an FPV controller would be ideal, the cheapest decent ones are around $100, which can be a substantial investment if you’re not sure you want to fly FPV.  Fortunately, even a PS4 or Xbox controller will work.  If you decide that you like it, then you can get a real FPV controller.

In the tutorial video above, I show how to connect your controller and how to set it up in Tiny Whoop Go.  You can also try other simulators – the setup process is similar.

If you want to learn FPV the easiest and simplest way, check out my channel FPV for Dummies on YouTube or Facebook.