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Let Ricoh know what you want in the next Ricoh Theta and win an Amazon gift card

Everyone is waiting for the next version of the Ricoh Theta, the most popular 360 camera in the market.  Now you can let Ricoh know what features you want to see in the next Theta, and you can also win an Amazon gift card.

Ricoh is working on the next version of the Ricoh Theta, and you can let them know what features are important to you so that they can create the camera that you want.  Here is the survey.

Among the features that Ricoh hints at:
– Higher resolution for photo and/or video.
– Adding sound to still images.
– Having a removable battery.
– Having an removable memory card.
– Having a dedicated remote control
– Dustproof / weather resistance
– Waterproof
– Having a replaceable lens.

Compared to a similar survey last year, one of the new features Ricoh is asking about is image stabilization.  They are specifically asking about optical or mechanical stabilization on one hand, and electronic stabilization on the other.

In addition to getting the opportunity to provide Ricoh with feedback for the next Theta, 50 survey respondents will also receive a $10 Amazon gift card (usable only in Amazon US).

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  • It took a while, but I filled out the survey. I wonder how good the English of the person who reads the free form comments will be. Considering the level of English in their manuals and also in the text on their Facebook posts, I am not 100% confident they will fully understand what I wrote…