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LG 360 Cam update adds 360 audio

LG 360 Cam, one of the most affordable fully spherical 360 cameras, received an update to its app that added several new features including 360 audio.

The LG 360 Cam app received an app update, which is supposed to add several features:
1. 360 audio:  With 360 audio, the sound will change to reflect the direction the viewer is looking at, including directly above or below.

Here is a sample video with 360 audio:

2. 360 preview.  Until now, when viewing a live preview on the app, you could only see either the front lens view or the rear lens view.  The update is supposed to add a true 360-degree preview.

3. Bottom logo sticker.  The update adds the ability to add a watermark.  I’m not sure if the watermark is customizable.

4. LED on/off.  The update adds the option to turn the LED on or off.

I tried the update but I wasn’t able to access any of the new features.  It appears that a firmware update is required.  However, I haven’t been able to update the LG 360 Cam’s firmware because the firmware update requires LG Bridge, which seems to be only in Korean, and more importantly, it keeps saying it can’t access the server for a required update to LG Bridge, then the app quits.

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  • I had the same issue too. If you click the first icon and go into settings, you’ll be able to change the language back to English(had to get a Korean translator to help me) but I also haven’t been able to update my cam.

  • Believe it or not this device still delivering a lot of fun in 2021 , it is not as friendly as it should be
    And LG no longer offer support for this device , but still is possible to download the apps to make it work in android
    And yes is not 4K and there is a bunch of better 360 cameras in the market today but , if you just want some fun in 360 degrees is a good choice. However you may need to do some research in order to have the camera working properly so, if you don’t really want to play around with settings and your budget is not a problem you can choose another one of the many options available .