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Life in 360 compares 2017 Samsung Gear 360 vs. the original Gear 360

My friend Ben Claremont (Life in 360) compared the 2017 Samsung Gear 360 with the original Gear 360.  Check out his comparison!
Ben is a preeminent 360 shooter, one of the first to be recognized for tiny planet photos and videos.  He has been shooting with 360 since 2015 and knows his 360 gear, as it were.  He got the 2017 Gear 360 last week and has been testing it.  Here is his comparison between the 2017 Gear 360 and the original Gear 360:

I agree with Ben’s findings.  You can check out my comparison between the 2017 Gear 360 and original Gear 360 here.   I also have an updated comparison here (comparing the original files).  I will also be working on the mega-comparison (with twelve 360 cameras) as soon as I get the Xiaomi Mijia Sphere 360 (which should be arriving this week).

In the meantime, if you want to get the 2017 Gear 360, it’s available here:
B&H Photo
The original Gear 360 is available below and can be found below $200, making it the most affordable 4K 360 camera.  (Please note you will need a Samsung S6 or above, and the desktop software only runs on Windows with at least a 3rd generation Intel Core processor).
B&H Photo
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    • Hi Den. For me, the 2017 has better overheating resistance than the original. But Aram Pan in Singapore said his 2017 is overheating after just 8 minutes (in 90F ambient).

      Best regards,

    • I just got the new gear 360 2017 and the overheating issue still there. At 28 celsius it records for about 5 minutes and then it stops recording. I use a Samsung EVO Plus micro SD card 128 Gb, reading 90 Mb and writing 20 Mb. Can it be the problem? I find it stupid that a camera like this, meant for outdoor main use maybe on a beach can not stand more than 28 celsius degrees. I just think I will send it back if I can not fix the overheating problem.