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How to do a live real estate walkthrough in 360 VR with Avatour (SPECIAL DISCOUNT)

How to do a live 360 VR walkthrough for real estate
How to do a live 360 VR walkthrough for real estate

This is what real estate agents have been waiting for.  You can now do a live walkthrough in 360 VR with Avatour.  Agents can take a 360 camera and walkthrough the property as their clients watch on their phone, laptop or VR headset.  Not only can they talk with the agent in real time, but they can also talk with each other and see each other’s avatars.  Here’s a demo and an in-depth interview with their co-founder.

The most important element for closing a sale in real estate is the agent.  Yet because of the coronavirus, it has become harder for real estate agents to conduct open houses or take client on walkthroughs of properties, either as sellers’ agents or buyers’ agents.

It is possible for an agent to create a live stream but the latency is usually too high and makes it hard to communicate with the client.  And with most virtual tours, the client can’t talk to the agent.

Avatour is a new remote presence solution that enables an agent or other user to walkthrough a property in 360 VR while talking with their clients.  As they watch the stream, clients can look around in 360 on their phone or desktop and talk in realtime with their agent and each other.    It is similar to video conferencing but because it is in 360, viewers can look around, and with an Oculus Go  VR headset, they can get an immersive view, like being at the property.

Here’s an interview with IMEVE’s CEO Devon Copley, and a demo:

As I showed in the video, it is very easy to use Avatour.  I simply connect my One X to my phone using a USB cable, then I launch the app.  I create a new session and send the link to the session to my clients, letting them know what time the stream will begin.

Audio comes from the phone, and it is also possible to use an external microphone or lav mic for clearer audio simply by plugging it into your phone.

Avatour is compatible with Ricoh Theta V, Ricoh Theta Z1, and Insta360 One X.  The 360 stream has horizon leveling when used with Insta360 One X, which means it will be level regardless of which direction the 360 camera is pointed.  In the future, Avatour plans to enable Insta360’s FlowState stabilization.

One concern I had is whether users watching in VR would experience nausea if the agent was walking around.  In that regard, Avatour has a novel solution that automatically decreases the frame rate when there is a lot of camera movement.  Apparently, the lower frame rate reduces nausea for viewers in VR.

Avatour is now being used for inspections and audits, as well as remote consultations.  Now, it can be used by real estate agents as well.


Avatour appears to be ideally suited for environments that are changing.  For example, when inspecting a construction site, a single virtual tour would not be sufficient because the site will keep changing.  Instead, with Avatour, you can show the current state of the project site.  Another advantage is that Avatour can be done immediately.  There is no need to take photos, edit them, and upload them.  It is available right away.

On the other hand, Avatour requires the agent to be physically present at the property while conducting the walkthrough.  For agents who want to be able to do a live virtual tour from anywhere, check out my upcoming post on another option.


Avatour is available by subscription, either on monthly or annual plans.  With the monthly plan, it is $600 per month, or $500 per month on the annual plan.

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