Low light sample videos from Detu F4, a 6k 360 camera

The Detu F4 is a 360 camera with up to 6k resolution (or 4k @ 60fps).  Check out a low light sample 360 video from tech vlogger Steve Shew:

The video looks pretty clean in indoor light:

In lower light, the video is still clean (without noticeable noise) but also has much less detail beyond a short distance.  In the screenshot below, you can see that the grid lines on the floor become mushy as you look farther beyond.  This is probably from aggressive noise reduction.

If you want to see more videos from the Detu F4, check out Steve Shew’s YouTube channel.

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  • Hi Steve, thanks for this. I know you focused more on video quality but what about photo quality? I ask is because my wife is a wedding planner and we use a Samsung 360 for event and venue setups (mostly at night). The light is generally more ambient so the 360 image quality is generally sub par. So what are you thoughts for indoor shoots with not the best lights for photography. Are there any other 360's you could recommend for this?