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LucidCam 4K 180-degree 3D VR camera launching with 15% discount!

LucidCam 3D 180 camera launches with 15% discount
LucidCam 3D 180 camera launches with 15% discount

LucidCam, a 4K 180-degree 3D camera, is launching today with a 15% discount!  Here’s why you might want one.

Google’s VR180 is one of the hot topics now, but the concept of a front-facing 3D 180-degree camera wasn’t originated by Google.  In November 2015, LucidCam launched as a crowdfunded camera that could capture front-facing 3D 180 videos in 4K resolution.  Here’s a video of the concept:

It took much longer to deliver to their customers than they originally planned but the final product actually exceeded the original specs.  It was originally going to have 1080p per eye video resolution.  The actual final product has a resolution of 4K 30fps per eye.   More importantly, they did finally finish delivering to all their backers last week.

Here are the key specs:
– photo resolution: 4K per eye
– video resolution: “4k 30fps per eye”
– f2.2 aperture
– 180 degree field of view
– 1.5 hour battery life
– stereo audio.
– Live streaming
– 32GB internal storage, 2GB RAM

Here’s a more in-depth video

Here is a sample video in 180 VR view:
So why get a LucidCam instead of a 360 camera?  First of all, heatmaps show that when viewers watch 360 videos, most of them focus only on the front part of the 360 video.  Second, it is easier for consumers to imagine getting a Lucidcam rather than a 360 camera.  Picture this: if they had to choose between a GoPro and a 360 camera, then it creates a dilemma for them, and many of them might choose a GoPro as a safer, more familiar option.  However, if they are choosing between a GoPro, and a camera that is similar to a GoPro but is wider and is in 3D, then they could see the appeal in getting a LucidCam, just as moviegoers often go for the large popcorn which is just $1 or $2 more than the $5 small popcorn.


spotted a LucidCam at NABShow 2017

From a content creator’s perspective, the LucidCam’s front-facing VR experience is also easier to compose for, compared to a fully spherical 360 camera.  It’s also helpful that the Lucidcam has in-camera stitching, making it convenient to shoot with.

One mystery as Mike Cane pointed out is why Google never mentioned LucidCam in its announcement of the VR180 program.  Regardless of whether LucidCam is formally certified as a VR180 camera, it is a de facto VR180 camera, in fact the first such camera to be available to consumers.

With LucidCam’s launch, you can get LucidCam at a 15% discount, for a limited time, for $424.15, a $75.85 discount from the regular $499 price.

Thank you very much to @Mike Cane (  and Jim Jensen (Google+ Photo Sphere Community) for bringing this to my attention!

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  • I don’t agree with your statement comparing Lucidcam vs GoPro vs 360 cam. Between a GoPro and a LucidCam, I would choose a GoPro, because I know what I can get (and it’s reliable). A 360 cam is a leap forward, with new possibilities, while I still don’t see what the Lucidcam (or any 180° cam) can offer that a GoPro can’t.

  • I was already excited for this camera but now that it is 4K per eye I’m stoked! Hopefully, Google will clear up how to upload 180 VR videos. Will it require a Google certified camera? Will it require metadata? Will it just be a check box? Also, you can see the camera used in the “Klangstof Interview” video but it might just be a prototype.

    PS I followed the Blogspot site via RSS. Will the new site also have an RSS feed?

    • Hi Denzel. Thanks for following 360 Rumors on Blogger. I will try to add an RSS feed for I don’t know the answers to your questions about VR180, but I will find out.
      Best regards,

  • I doubt VR180 content will be a check box as Youtube/Google is moving away from that. The 3D check box is going to be discontinued soon and folks will have to have metadata in their files for 3D content. 360 already uses metadata only.

    Lucid’s 180 footage is circular side by side while Google’s is square-ish. It likely only requires an app and/or firmware update to make Lucid’s output compatible. If so, I really hope they make the tweaks soon. My lucidcam is ready to go. 😉

  • I love the idea of doubling the resolution by only showing 180 degrees and I’ve been super excited about Google VR180 ever since I saw their sample videos. This sample video however, didn’t even look nearly as good as Googles videos. The resolution looks lower and the stereo/3D doesn’t work as well when you look to the sides. I hope this is because how it was uploaded to YouTube and not due to the hardware in Lucidcam. As soon as there’s a sample video with similar quality to the Google VR180 sample videos, I’m definitely going to buy this camera.

    • Thanks Anders. Yes this camera looks quite interesting, especially now with the upgraded resolution. Speaking of resolution, I know some articles about LucidCam have said that it has a higher resolution than 360 cameras but that’s not actually true. Each lens covers 180 degrees, the same as a two-lens 2D 360 camera, so the resolution per degree of field of view is the same.

      Nonetheless the samples look pretty good and I hope to be able to review it.

      Best regards,