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LucidPix 3D app has over 1 million users

LucidPix 3D photo app has over 1 million users
LucidPix 3D photo app has over 1 million users

Lucid, creators of the LucidCam VR180 camera, has announced that their 3D photo app, LucidPix now has over 1 million users on both iOS and Android, and they’re now launching out of beta.

LucidPix is a phone app that converts conventional photos into 3D photos, using any phone.  It also has enhancements such as 3D stickers and frames for your 3D photo.

Here’s their launch video:

To celebrate their launch, LucidPix is giving upgraded features with Super User status free for a month.

Here are some sample 3D photos with LucidPix:

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  • “over a million users”… yet most of their clips on YT have less than a hundred views. Highest traffic I found is for 6-month old clips that have less than 2000 views. Furthermore, LUCIDPIX users are now riding on the free beta version. Let’s see how many go for an actual monthly subscription version.

    Personally, this circular wobble effect tends to make me feel sea sick !

    • Spoken like a true 3D enthusiast haha. Well my friend, if it becomes more popular, maybe a fraction of them will become interested in true stereoscopic photos / videos.