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Madv Madventure 360 now available for preorder! More info on its new features

Madventure 360 camera
Madventure 360 camera

You can now preorder the Madventure 360 camera here from Gearbest!  And here are more information about the Madventure 360’s new features.

Madventure 360 (previewed here) is a rebranded version of the highly acclaimed Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera primarily for markets outside Asia.  In addition to the new color scheme, and a name that’s easier to remember, the package will include a GoPro-type adapter and a dedicated selfie stick, which is invisible to the camera and can control the camera without needing a battery.

New features

The Madventure will also benefit from new features, including a higher 3840 x 1920 video resolution, Adobe DNG Raw mode, “bullet time“, automatic tripod removal, and several other new features that I can’t mention yet.  The new features will be available to both the Madventure and the Xiaomi Mi Sphere via a firmware and app update.

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