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How to make a 3D Stereoscopic Tiny Planet

3D tiny planet tutorial
3D tiny planet tutorial

3D tiny planet tutorial

I created my first 3D stereographic tiny planet! Here’s how to do make one.

1. Take a 3D 360 photo, either with a 3D 360 camera such as the Insta360 Pro or the Vuze Camera, or by taking a 2D 360 photo, moving the camera about 3 inches to the right and taking another 2D 360 photo.  If your 3D 360 camera combines the file into top-bottom 3D 360 file, you should split it up into the left eye view and right eye view.

2. Open the left eye view in Insta360 Studio and display the 360 photo as a little planet.  Do the same for the right eye view.  Make sure the transformation for each is identical.

3. Using your preferred image editor such as Photoshop, combine the left eye view and right eye view into one montage.

That’s all there is to it!

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