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Mark your calendars: Kodak Orbit360 (4KVR360) U.S. release date

Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 (4KVR360) by 360Rumors.com
Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 (4KVR360) by 360Rumors.com

Three sources have now confirmed the release date for the Kodak Orbit360 in the U.S.  All three sources agree that the release date for the Orbit360 will be August 1.  I am trying to find out when Kodak will begin accepting preorders.  Stay tuned!

Orbit360 (aka 4KVR360) is Kodak PIXPRO’s highly anticipated all-in-one 360 camera.  It uses the same lens as the highly regarded Kodak SP360 4K Dual Pro, which had the highest overall image quality among consumer 360 cameras in 2016, but makes it easier to process the videos because of its all-in-one design.

The Orbit360 also features a unique pair of asymmetrical lenses.  Whereas one lens is the 235-degree lens from the SP360 4K, the Orbit has a second, smaller lens with a narrower field of view.  The smaller lens  can be used by itself to shoot non-360 16:9 video, with a 197-degree field of view, at 4K resolution, thus allowing it to function like a non-360 4K action camera.

UPDATE: The Orbit360 is now available for preorder from B&H Photo for $499, or $549 for the Satellite kit (which includes an upgraded remote and a selfie stick and a few other accessories).  B&H shows a shipping date of September 18, 2017, although my source said August 1 is the actual release date.  Thanks to Bill (Basicbill.com) for bringing this to my attention!

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  • Is it true that in-camera stitching can only be done automatically up to 15 fps? Seems behind other cameras. And I see Adorama is now taking pre-orders.

    • Hi there Basicbill yes it’s true. I think 15fps is practically useless except perhaps for tiny planet videos… Thanks for the heads up re Adorama!

  • Now I’m puzzled! Buy Xiaomi Miija now or wait for YI VR and Kodak Orbit. Still even if I’ll wait it would be tough choise between Yi and Orbit. As I know YI VR has live streaming feature not sure if it’s present in Orbit