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MASSIVE pricing error on Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere to be HONORED by GearBest…!!!

Yesterday, there was a massive pricing error for the Xiaomi Mi Sphere but GearBest is actually going to honor the purchases at the erroneously posted price!

Yesterday, I posted a seemingly impossible deal for the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Sphere 360 camera for just $139.99, which is less than half of what the Mi Sphere sometimes sells for.  Note that this isn’t an also-ran camera, but rather, one considered by many (including myself) as the heretofore best 360 camera for consumers.  Not only does it have excellent photo AND video quality, but it is also the first 360 camera to have built-in image stabilization, which, among other things, enables it to be used as an “invisible” 360 camera.

Apparently, some people who were on Gearbest’s mailing list received an email with a link to an e-mail sale for the Mi Sphere, except that instead of a savings of 5% or even 10%, this was an unheard-of savings of around 50%!  Moreover, the link appeared to work for anyone, not just the recipients of the email.

People wondered about the reason for this monstrous discount.  Some thought it was a mistake, while others thought they were liquidating the Mi Sphere to make room for the Insta360 ONE.  Not surprisingly, droves of people began buying the Mi Sphere at the incredible “discount.”  After all, who would want to pass up on this once-in-a-lifetime offer…?

Except that it wasn’t actually a discount.  It turns out that it was a pricing error…  a huge one.  I don’t know yet exactly how the error happened but I suspect that there was a confusion with the similarly named Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera, which was released just a week ago.  Gearbest staff eventually discovered the error and stopped the bleeding, but not before a ton of orders were placed over a period of about 8 hours.

In this situation, threatened with a loss of this magnitude, many companies would most likely cancel the orders.  But I was informed by my liaison that GearBest made the painful yet noble choice of honoring the purchases at the erroneous price…!!!    The representative explained that although this would have a big impact to their bottom line, they wanted to do what they can to please their customers.  To be honest, this level of customer service is far beyond the service I typically receive from retailers based in China, who must operate in a tough, competitive environment with often very thin margins.

So if you were lucky enough to have placed an order through GearBest, you can rest assured that GearBest will honor the price!   I want to emphasize that this was by no means an easy decision for an pricing error of this magnitude, but GearBest will do what they can for their customers.

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  • It is awesome that they are honoring the sales with the wrong price but it could also be the law. Here in Taiwan, it is the law that if someone sells at a too low price by mistake they are still required to honor the price even if it means they must take a loss. There have been court cases which have set the precedent for this. If it’s not the law then good on them but if it is the law, still good on them for honoring and not trying to slip out of it. Even with a “lot” of orders for this product, it’s likely not going to hurt them too much. It does mean they get traffick that Banggood isn’t getting for this one and if someone orders from one site, they are likely to return.

  • I hesitated, due to the mixed reviews concerning the software and the problems with the firmware updates… Too bad, I could have have it at this price. Nice attitude from Gearbest anyway.

  • I ended up pulling the trigger at that price. I bought a gear360 (2016) last week and hadn’t even opened the box from amazon yet, so when I saw this, I decided I’d return the gear360 and plunge ahead with this one. I hope it was the right choice 😉

  • Currently on sale for $202 !
    Not as low as before but still a great deal, lower than their usual sales which tend to be around $230 for it.
    Link is the same as in 360rumors’ original post of the accidental discount.

    • My mistake, got caught up in the moment…
      Currently selling for €202 / $239. Still a good price though 🙂