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MD-1 a new fully spherical 360 camera

MD-1 is an upcoming fully spherical 360 camera with four lenses.

The MD-1 is a new 360 camera from a Chinese manufacturer based in Shenzhen.  I don’t know much about this camera yet.  The small photos and text I have below are the only info I have about it so far.
Key features as far as I can tell:
– four lenses
– fully spherical
– f/2.0 aperture (?)
– video resolution: 4096 x 2048 @ 30fps (?).  MP4 format.
– photo resolution: 4096 x 2048.  JPG format.
– 10,000 mAh battery; AC adapter available
– compatible with iOS, Android and PC
It appears that it can be mounted on a drone, although it looks larger than some consumer 360 cameras, which implies that the drone may need a large payload capacity.

Thank you very much to Roman Goldman of for the information about this new camera!