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Meta Three is a 12.5K 360 camera (sample 360 video)

Meta Three. Photo by Meta Camera
Meta Three. Photo by Meta Camera

Meta Three is a professional 360 camera with four Super 35mm sensors, independently adjustable apertures, and 12.5k video resolution.  Here’s a review and sample 360 video (downscaled to 8K) by CreatorUp’s Hugh Hou:

At $40,000, the Meta Three is not cheap.  By comparison, the Insta360 Titan is about $15,000 and has somewhat similar 11k resolution but has smaller Micro Four Thirds size sensors.  On the other hand, Titan can capture 10K 3D 360 video, while the Meta Three has no 3D 360 capture capability.

You can download Meta Three samples here from Hugh.

Meta Three. Photo by Meta Camera
Meta Three. Photo by Meta Camera

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  • This vs. 4ps DSLR+fisheye lenses. What is better in images quality? 🙂 I know I know… postprocessing… but the quality

    • Hi Zdenek. It will depend on the sensor size, the field of view of the lenses, and the quality of the sensor and lenses.

    • and for this price you can use 4xfull frame cameras, this “super35” sensor is aps-c size only

  • Still no moving samples, camera is only tested on a not moving tripod.
    So there is no evidence of stitching and compression quality on moving scenes.

  • Why nobody moves the camera in these tests?

    Same with Kandao Obsidian Pro – no moving footage.

    Stitching and compression quality is only tested when the camera moves.