MettaVR: a platform for 360° videos

MettaVR (www.mettavr.com) is a new social media platform for user-generated 360° videos.  This video explains what MettaVR is about:

Metta Demo Day NYC from Matter Ventures on Vimeo.

MettaVR allows users to explore videos using a map interface, similar to Google Earth.  This makes it easy to find videos based on locations that you are interested in.  You can also follow users to subscribe to their content.

Although MettaVR is positioning itself as a platform for user-generated 360 videos, MettaVR has also gained the support of companies such as Associated Press, Ryot (a studio specializing in 360 documentary films), NPR-member station KQED, and the news publisher McClatchy.

MettaVR runs on browsers (including smartphone browsers), although the developers say that they are also working on an app.  It supports Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.  MettaVR is currently in beta but they are accepting signs up for their waitlist at beta.mettavr.com.

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