Mixed reality looks even more realistic with Avegant’s light field technology

Avegant is using light field technology to make a mixed reality headset with more realistic images.

Avegant has been making the Glyph, a stylish personal theater headset.  Its next project is a mixed reality headset that uses light field technology to make its images appear more realistic.

With current mixed reality technology, near images are displayed at an apparent focal distance that doesn’t match the focal distance of real world objects that are supposed to be at the same distance.  As a result, there can be a disconnect between the focus of mixed reality objects and real world objects:

Avegant says that its light field technology allows it to display images with multiple focal planes.  This allows images to look near, and far objects to look far.  While focusing on a near image, far images will appear out of focus, and vice-versa, just as in real life.

Here’s a video that explains and demonstrates the technology:

Introducing Avegant Light Field from Avegant on Vimeo.

Avegant hasn’t announced the availability or price of its mixed reality headset.

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