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More info on the Detu Twin 360, a fully spherical 360 camera, PLUS: a sample 360 photo

Last week, I posted about the new Detu Twin 360, a fully spherical 360 camera that is based on the Ricoh Theta’s design.  Our friends at the 360 camera comparison site got to visit Detu to take a look at the Detu Twin and they’ve very kindly shared the info with me.

Update: see below for additional info from sinCera!

The unit looks almost exactly the same size as the Ricoh Theta.  However, if you look closely, the lens is noticeably smaller than that of the Theta.  Here is the Theta for comparison:
The functional part of the Theta’s lens is about as large as the shutter button, not including the protective front element.  On the Detu Twin, you can see that the lens is actually only in the middle of the yellow-rimmed black circle around the lens.  The diagram on the Detu Twin’s page purporting to show the lens elements is therefore not accurate.

More shots of the Detu Twin: was also able to get a small sample of an unstitched photo.  We can’t evaluate the sharpness or the stitching quality, but the image shows natural-looking color and contrast, and pretty good white balance.  I also don’t see any purple fringing even with the fluorescent lights that are close to the edge of the frame.  On the other hand, there is some vulnerability to flare.

Thanks again to Roman Goldman and for the new info on the Detu Twin.

sinCera adds the following info:
– Detu’s CTO posted a sample photo from the Detu Twin (click on the link to see the 360 version)

– There will be two chipsets (Amba and Novatek)
– The Detu Twin might be offered on Indiegogo in November.

Thanks sinCera!