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360 video demo of MOZA 360 Air, the most affordable gimbal for Insta360 Pro

Insta360 Pro gimbal: Moza Air 360
Insta360 Pro gimbal: Moza Air 360

Here’s a demo of the most affordable gimbal for the Insta360 Pro, the Moza Guru 360 Air. The demo was shot by Hugh Hou (CreatorUp) and Devlin Murphy (GimbalGuru).

The Insta360 Pro is one of the most affordable professional 8K 360 cameras, and by far the easiest to use.  It even has its own built-in gyro stabilization.  However, using the gyro stabilization will lead to some blur.  To me, the blur defeats the purpose of shooting in 8K to begin with.  For this reason, I don’t rely on the gyro stabilization when shooting with the Insta360 Pro.  Moreover, the Insta360 Pro’s gyro stabilization doesn’t work for 3D 360 photos or videos.

There are software for stabilizing 360 videos but they are generally time-consuming, costly, and very processor-intensive.

The most practical way to stabilize footage from the Insta360 Pro or other smaller professional 360 cameras is with a gimbal.  The problem is that the Insta360 Pro is a bit heavy and thus requires a relatively powerful gimbal. One gimbal that can work is the Wenpod Tarzan G, but it’s around $1499.  The other gimbal that works for the Insta360 Pro is the Moza Guru 360 Air.  This 360 video, shot on the Insta360 Pro by Hugh Hou, demonstrates how the 360 Air works with the Insta360 Pro, both handheld, and while mounted on a rover:

Here’s another video I shot a few months ago with the Insta360 Pro, with a preproduction version of the Moza Guru 360 Air. With me were Sarah Redohl (ImmersiveShooter), Devlin and Yu.  Note that the stitching on my video was on an early version of the Insta360 Pro Stitcher, which has since improved its stitching.

Moza Guru 360 Air is available for order from GimbalGuru for $699, making it the most affordable gimbal for the Insta360 Pro.  BTW, according to GimbalGuru, the 360 Air should be in stock in 3 to 4 weeks although that date may get pushed.