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Mother’s Day Gift: Insta360 Nano $50 – most affordable 360 camera for iPhone

Insta360 Nano sale
Insta360 Nano sale

Just in time for Mother’s Day, B&H is offering a huge discount on the Insta360 Nano for $50 (in silver or gold).   The Nano is now a couple of years old and there are newer cameras from Insta360.  But at this price, it is the most affordable stabilized 360 camera (actually the Nano was the first 360 camera to offer stabilization) and could be a good camera for iPhone users who want to dip their toes into the 360 waters.

Insta360 Nano on sale at B&H Photo
Insta360 Nano on sale at B&H Photo

The Nano can be used either by itself or connected to an iPhone.  To use stabilization, the Nano must be connected to an iPhone.

Here is a sample video from the Nano (shot with a gimbal before the stabilization was added).

Thanks to JV Luna for sharing this info!

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