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Motorola officially launches the Moto 360 Camera with 4K 360 video and 3D sound

Motorola has now officially launched the Moto 360 Camera, a fully spherical 360 camera accessory disclosed [inadvertently] to the press about 3 weeks ago.

The Moto 360 Camera resembles a smartphone charger case with a small 360 camera attached to it.  It attaches magnetically to Moto Z phones (this seems to rule out compatibilty with other phones).  The concept is similar to Ion 360, which is also a 360 camera combined with a smartphone charger case.

Here are the key specs:
– two 13mp sensors
– video resolution: 4K @ 24fps, with 3D sound
– live streaming.  Certified to be “Live 360 Ready” for Facebook Live 360.
– can be used to take wide angle 150-degree photos and videos (similar to the view on a GoPro)
– $299.99, available August 10.

I don’t know yet the photo resolution, or the resolution when live streaming.  I also don’t know if the camera can be used independently without the phone (I doubt it).

Here is a video about the Moto 360:

Here is a review by Danny Winget (jump to 4:48):

Besides the Ion360, other similar 360 camera accessories include the popular Insta360 Nano for iPhone ($199), Insta360 Air for Android ($129; for USB Type C or Micro USB), and Giroptic iO for iPhone and Android ($249), all three of which have image stabilization as well as live streaming and cost less than the Moto 360.

Thank you very much to Jim Jensen (Google+ Photo Sphere Community) for bringing this to my attention!

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