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NAB Show 2017: Gudsen Moza announces two new gimbals for 360 cameras!

At NAB Show 2017, Gudsen Moza, makers of the Guru 360 gimbal for 360 cameras, introduced two more 360 gimbals with higher capacities.

Gudsen Moza is the manufacturer for the Guru 360, the first affordable gimbal for 360 cameras for consumers ($299; reviewed here).  At NAB Show 2017, Moza showed two more gimbals for 360 cameras: the Air 360 and a gimbal for a rig.

Here is a video:

The Moza Air 360 is based on the Moza Air gimbal for DSLRs and mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras and can be used with cameras up to 1.5 kg.  Here it is with the Z Cam S1 (the gimbal was turned off).

Besides the higher capacity, the Air 360 has many more adjustments to customize it to your 360 camera.  For example, the yaw motor arm can be moved in or out.  The arm carrying the camera and counterweight (connected to the roll motor) can also be adjusted higher or lower.  The arm for the pitch can also be adjusted forward or backward.

We don’t know yet about the price of the Air 360 but the Moza Air is $599, so I expect that it will be more than that, perhaps $799.  It will be available in about 2 months.

The other gimbal they showed had a completely different design.  It can accommodate a rig with seven GoPros or ten GoPros.  I believe the latter is for 3D 360, although I haven’t confirmed that yet.

In addition to being usable with a rig, the new gimbal can also be used with an all-in-one camera such as the Z Cam S1.  Compared to the Air 360, the gimbal would have a smaller visible profile with motors that are very close to each other and would be below the camera and thus nearly invisible to larger cameras such a the Z Cam:

This model is targeted toward professionals and is expected to cost more than the Air 360.