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STEALTH CINEMATIC FPV: Insta360 Go 2 on super silent micro drone (Nanohawk X)

Nanohawk X is a small, silent drone that can capture cinematic videos
Nanohawk X is a small, silent drone that can capture cinematic videos

Would you like to capture cinematic FPV without drawing attention to your drone?  The EMAX Nanohawk X is a small and nearly silent quadcopter that can carry the Insta360 Go 2 stabilized HD camera to capture cinematic FPV.

Drones are not always welcome around people.  There are many videos on Facebook and YouTube showing people confronting drone pilots, sometimes even while the drone pilot has been hired to shoot a photo or video.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a small, inconspicuous drone that is quiet and won’t bother anyone, and will still be able to capture cinematic videos?

EMAX Nanohawk is a small toothpick quad that might be the answer.  It has only a 1S battery, but has 3 inch props and 12025 motors.  Not only is it small and agile, but it is also supposedly one of the most quiet FPV quads in its class.  Surprisingly, it has enough power to carry an Insta360 Go 2, one of the smallest stabilized HD cameras.

Here’s a review video by NurkFPV (Paul Nurkkala), one of the most well-known FPV pilots for cinematic FPV and racing.

The Nanohawk X looks very promising for cinematic FPV.  Normally, I prefer to use cinewhoops with prop guards when I’m shooting cinematic FPV but the Nanohawk X’s small size, quietness, and handling could make up for the lack of prop guards.

One thing that is unusual about the Nanohawk X is that it uses 1S batteries with XT30 connectors, which is very unusual and somewhat hard to find.  On the plus side, the XT30 connector will help it get more consistent voltage (less voltage sag compared to a more common PH2.0 connector) and it would be easier to charge it using a standard LiPo charger.  I ordered one and will post a review.