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Never worry about paying for virtual tours again with CloudPano Lifetime Access

CloudPano lifetime access virtual tours
CloudPano lifetime access virtual tours

How would you like to never worry about having to pay for a virtual tour?  Most virtual tour websites require a monthly or yearly subscription to keep a virtual tour online.  Over time, the cost of maintaining a virtual tour adds up.  CloudPano is now offering Lifetime Access.  You pay only once and you’ll be able to host any number of virtual tours on CloudPano, without paying another penny more.  Here’s an analysis of CloudPano’s Lifetime Access, including the breakeven point.

There are now dozens of virtual tour websites with similar features.  Most of them require a subscription fee to keep your virtual tour online.  If you stop paying the subscription, the virtual tour becomes inaccessible.  If you created the virtual tour for a client, stopping the virtual tour is usually not a practical option, which means that you or your client end up paying for the virtual tour indefinitely, even if you want to change plans.

CloudPano is turning that concept around and giving its customers the option to pay only once for any number of virtual tours with Lifetime Access.  Once you get Lifetime Access, you will be able to host any number of virtual tours for an unlimited time.  Here’s a video about the Lifetime Access:

How much is Lifetime Access and is it worth it?

Lifetime Access currently costs a one-time fee of $787.  That sounds like a lot, but many virtual tour shooters can recover that cost fairly quickly, and the benefit lasts “forever.”   I did an analysis of the breakeven point.

CloudPano has two paid alternatives.  One option is for a flat $10 fee per tour, which never expires.  Compared to this alternative, the breakeven for Lifetime Access is 79 virtual tours.

CloudPano’s other paid alternative is for $33 per month.  Compared to this alternative, the breakeven point is 24 months (in other words, if you’re going to be paying $33 per month for 24 months, you may as well pay for the Lifetime Access).

Besides the financial advantage of the Lifetime Access, it frees you to offer to your client a fixed fee for any number of virtual tours.  This could make it possible to have retainer agreements for large clients, for example, which would otherwise not be financially viable.  Cloudpano Lifetime also gives you access to Cloudpano Live.

Alternatively, you could charge your client a monthly fee, which lets you create a passive income stream without any additional cost.

How to get Lifetime Access for Free; Affiliate Income

One of the unique benefits of Lifetime Access is that CloudPano lets you become an affiliate who can offer Lifetime Access to colleagues and contacts.  For each person who signs up through your link, CloudPano will give you a commission of $200.  This means you can get Lifetime Access for free with just three signups.  In addition, this creates an affiliate income stream for your business.  But please note this is only available if you first get Lifetime Access.

CloudPano said it is currently offering Lifetime Access only for a limited time.  You can get a $100 discount if you sign up for CloudPano Lifetime here with this affiliate link.  Thanks for supporting 360 Rumors at no additional cost to you so I can do more tests and reviews!

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  • Hi Mic,
    first, let me say THANKS so much for your interesting 360rumors site! I am reading and following since 2 years now and I am glad that you seem to be successfull and your site is still growing and showing new informations!

    Now my comment an thoughts:
    What does “lifetime” really mean?
    There have been “lifetime” offers, from other companies and after they have “gone” from the market, those, who trustfully thought that a use would still be possible in many years, were of course surprised by the fact, that in practice, it only means the duration of the provider’s existence. Of course, this is logical, but some don’t think about it – and are then “surprised”.

    • I think lifetime means for the life of the company. Because the servers are run by them. If the company stops, no one will run the servers. And there is no one to sue. So it is effectively limited to the life of the company

    • Yes Sabin, lifetime memberships sound wonderful but its really just a quick money grab for the company. Nothing wrong with this of course but consumers need to realize the fast pace that other companies are entering the market and the fast pace of technology change. So the question is do you really want to fork out a fair bit of money for something you will most likely not be using in a couple of years. A 12 month subscription may be the best consideration and then there are the standalaone tour software sellers that sell for a one off price and that allow tours to be made in a format to be embedded on a specific client website. Lifetime memberships sound great but will it really be of benefit in a quickly changing market and technology. I don’t think so.

      • I would respectfully disagree, John. To claim that you won’t be using Cloudpano after a couple of years is a bit outlandish.

  • Hi there, I´m a 360 user, but to 3D, architectural visualization, not photos. It means that I create a few services with few images for service that I need to keep online for long time. My client need to embed the virtual tour on his website.

    Well, I´m looking for a service that fits in my needs. Roundme offers for embed every upload. Fits for me, but is experiencing some problems with upload and instability. So, I need new provider.

    Mostly offers mensal subscription for unilimited upload. I upload only 6 ou 7 services on a Year! It´s expensive for me pay montly for so little upload. I prefer pay for each service, even if it´s more expensive. I just need not to worry about keep paying to mantain online.

    Can you have a recomendation? Or a post with comparisson between services?

    Theo – Brazil.

    • Hi Ali. Uhuh this was written a while ago and the price has kept increasing. So, the people who reserved a long time ago are saving even more.