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New 4k 3D 360 samples from Vuze camera including an aerial 360 video!

photo by Wiebe de Jager
photo by Wiebe de Jager

Vuze Camera is shipping soon.  In the meantime, they’ve posted new sample videos in 4k 3D 360, including an aerial 360 video by  Here are the videos:

Vuze is the first affordable 3D 360 camera for consumers, which is why I’ve been excited about it.  I had the chance to test it at CES and it looks very promising. Now, a little more than a year since I first posted about it, it’s finally about to ship!

Meanwhile, here are some sample videos from beta testers.

Aerial video by

Disney World teacup ride:


At a park in Amsterdam:

To view the videos in 3D, you’ll need a VR headset.  I tried viewing the videos on Samsung Gear VR via the Samsung Internet browser but I could only see it in limited resolution.  Using the YouTube app in Cardboard mode, it looks much more detailed:

The exposure is a little conservative in my opinion, but appears to be within range of correction in postprocessing.

For the videos with a moving camera, I think they could really benefit from stabilization.  I *think* the Guru 360 gimbal could work.  That’s one of the things I’ll be testing.

I look forward to getting the Vuze and will be posting my first impressions and eventually, a more detailed review.  You can still preorder the Vuze from B&H for $799.  Please note that the stitching software will initially be for PC only (the Mac version will be available in about 3 months).